Double Chocolate Vegan Donuts

vegan donuts

Double Chocolate Vegan Donuts that are SO incredibly rich and decadent (I’ve incorporated chocolate into this recipe in THREE different ways guys)… you will want to cry after your first bite. But actually, the entire household here went crazy for these baked (not fried!) donuts. Just don’t tell the unsuspecting people you’re serving these vegan donuts too they are made with aquafaba (a first here on Ceara’s Kitchen and I am obsesssed!!) and are completely gluten free. Nobody will ever be the wiser!

35+ Vegan Super Bowl Recipes!


Do you guys watch the Super Bowl? If the Super Bowl is known for one thing in the “foodie” world – it’s all the comforting, warming  (mostly) finger foods that come along with watching the big game. The super bowl – or sports watching food in general – is notoriously not so vegan friendly. Here are […]

Homemade Manti (Traditional Turkish Dumplings)


Have you ever had Homemade Manti before? Manti has to be one of my favorite meals ever. My stepmom, Hande, is originally from Istanbul and the entire family LOVES whenever it is Manti night. I remember my first time having Manti in Istanbul several years ago and I was blown away by the simplicity, warmth and flavors […]

Healthy Vegan Spinach Dip

vegan spinach dip

Rich, creamy, warm and cheeesssayy Vegan Spinach Dip! Is spinach dip a staple at family gatherings in your home? Somebody is always bound to bring Baked Spinach Dip to a party and it’s always one of the first appetizers to go. Perfect with chips, chopped fresh veggies – this Creamy Spinach Dip is going to leave […]

Eating as a Vegan in Belgium

2015-08-24 20.29.29

When traveling to Belgium the first foods that usually come to mind are the delicious chocolates, fries, waffles and allll the delicious Belgian beer. Well beer isn’t technically a food group by itself but it does kind of qualify as one in Belgium! I lived in Belgium for two years in the city of Leuven while I completed […]