Fudgey Black Bean Pumpkin Brownies

Black Bean Brownie from Ceara's Kitchen @CearasKitchen

My love for all things sweet and chocolate is no secret. I never say no to dessert and always look forward to the last and *best* course. And that's probably why most of the recipes of #CearasKitchen are sweet eats. I love dessert and am all for indulging in decadent and rich desserts once in awhile but the fact that I love desserts on the daily means that I need a seriously healthy but equally-as-good-fix. I have some comforting, warming, savory eats planned for the next couple weeks though and can't wait to share the latest with you! :D And if baking brownies with black beans scares ...

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Enjoying Every Bite & Sip without the Guilt #WIAW

It doesn’t take long to know that I looooooooove to enjoy food. Good Food. Basically, all food. But it seems that everywhere I look we are told we shouldn’t enjoy what we eat or at-least attach some sort of guilt to what we are putting on our plate. And I lived like this for most of…

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5+ Tips to Hit the Ground Running #MoveitMondays

As many of you know I am not a pro-runner or pro-athelete by any means.  Let’s be honest, when I was a kid, I usually was the last one chosen in gym class and up until a few years ago the idea of me running seemed like a totally unreachable and unreasonable goal. When people talked about “running”…

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Cabbage Salad

What do you eat!?! A lot. #WIAW

I get asked a lot what I eat. People usually ask me this after finding out that I am a vegetarian (and that I eat a vegan, plant-based diet 98.5% of the time). I think people are just naturally curious and I totally understand why. I’ll never forget the first time I met a vegan…

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Enjoy Life

Enjoying Life One Eat and Run at a Time #MoveitMondays

This weekend was one of those weekends that was just great. A belated Belgian-Canadian Thanksgiving, good food, family, and an awesome 10k family race on on Sunday morning followed by post-run pasta and a movie night with J that involved popcorn smothered in dark chocolate, pecans and a pinch of pink himalayan sea salt (#yesplease)….

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