The Best Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookies

The Best Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookies Step by Step! - Ceara's Kitchen #cookies

I've been on the hunt for the best Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookie for awhile. And I have very high expectations with cookies. The perfect Chocolate Chunk Cookie for me is soft and thick in the middle and perfectly chewy around the edges. Not too greasy (can we all agree that greasy chocolate chunk cookies are the worst?) and not too soft either - we are eating a cookie here, not a mini cake! ;) You see, Chocolate Chunk Cookies and I have quite a long history together. My great-grandma (ma Mamère as we’d call her) taught me how to make her Chocolate Chunk Cookies in the kitchen, using a ...

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Bruges Christmastime - Ceara's Kitchen

Coming Back to My Run #MoveitMondays

Happy #MoveitMondays! How was your weekend? Can you believe that Christmas is officially ten days away?! Honestly, this month has flown by – this time next week I’ll be home in Toronto with my family, cozying up at home and enjoying my couple weeks of chilly, Canadian weather. I can’t believe it! I’m hoping that…

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HEALTHY Monkey Bread - PERFECT for Christmas Morning!! @Cearaskitchen #VEGAN #HOLIDAY #YUM

Healthy Monkey Bread {Vegan}

What’s your Christmas morning tradition? When we were kids, we were always so excited Christmas morning we could never sleep. My parents actually got into the habit of setting the clocks back an hour so we didn’t wake them up at 5 in the morning to see if Santa came. When it was finally time to…

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Cheesey OIl Free Kale Chips @cearaskitchen #vegan #healthy

Cheesy Oil Free Kale Chips {Vegan, Gluten Free}

Everyday I’m more and more excited that I’m heading home SO soon (15 more sleeps but who’s counting lol!). I’m sure anybody who lives far away can relate. Are you travelling long distances over the holidays? I head home twice a year, once during the holidays and once during the summertime. And the couple of…

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Kitties - My Wife Makes

Blogger Highlight: *My Wife Makes*

Happy Wednesday! Hope y’all are keeping warm in this frigid December weather! Today’s post is a special one – I share with you a candid interview with my friends over at My Wikes Makes! Levan and Amrita are the husband and wife behind their colorful, vibrant and wacky blog! Every week they post yummy, new,…

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ghent 2

Walking it Out Through the Christmas Madness #MoveitMondays

Who has already started experiencing some real Christmas madness? The shuffle and bustle of the holiday season has started, friends. Students are trying to finish up all their work before the holidays start (hello!), moms & dads are running around trying to get gifts for the entire family, and friends are trying to coordinate the…

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Chocolate Banana Smoothie @cearaskitchen #healthy #vegan #glutenfree

Secret Green Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend! I thought I’d switch things up from my regular #MoveitMondays post and share a smoothie with you for Williams-Sonoma Smoothie Week! The folks over at Willlams-Sonoma asked me to create a fun and quirky smoothie for Smoothie Week and I thought what’s better than to create a…

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November Faves *Link Love*

How’s November been for y’all? It’s been one crazy of a good but busy month over here. The cooler weather is really starting to settle in and I’m totally content staying in when I get home with a warm cup of tea, cozying up near our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, wearing my cupcake pajamas and playing my…

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