Camera body: 60D

The camera body we bought is the Canon 60D. This device is the perfect camera for when you are starting out. It has all the necessary features while the camera is easy to use. There is a newer version of this model, the 80D. The main features are the same so buying the latest model is not a necessity.

Standard lens: EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

The standard lens is to take pictures when you do not want to zoom in or out. This is ideal to take pictures of full pan dishes or overview pictures. The lens in our shop is the one to use without making it too complicated.

Macro lens: EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro

This lens will become your best friend when it comes to doing food photography. You will be able to take those lovely close-ups pictures and show a lot of detail. Your recipe will look at its best and will be the star of the party.


A tripod is handy when you want to take crisp close-up pictures. Your camera is susceptible to shaking when taking detailed pictures. Using this tripod will prevent you from having a blurry picture. It possible to take that crisp shot you always wanted.

Light Lighting Diffuser

The first part of enhancing the light is the light diffuser. Your pictures will have perfect lighting. I recommend ordering two (one of each side of the table). This way, you will not have shadows in your pictures, and the light will be balanced out nicely.

Light Stands for Relfectors

The diffuser will be put on this tripod. You can focus the light coming from high or low. Because there is no need of holding a lamp (there are some), you can concentrate on taking pictures. This setting is ideal for taking pictures and recording recipe videos.

Microphone: EACHSHOT

There is no video without good sound. This microphone is according to us the best quality for the asked price. It is straightforward to use and light to pack for when you go somewhere.



Extra Battery

Memory Card

Camera Bag

Light Bulbs

All the products in my shop are carefully chosen for you to have more fun in your kitchen. We have a little kickback when you purchase through our shop. This makes it possible to maintain our blog. Do you have favourite products you do not see here? Feel free to send us a link to the product and tell us why.