Reader Favorite Recipes of 2017!

And just like that, it’s the last day of 2017. Can you believe it!? As much of a cliche it is to say, where has this year gone?  My most-cherished memories from the year are moving into our new home with our pupper, Henry and celebrating our engagement and wedding planning. What is your favorite memory of 2017?

I’ve put together YOUR favorite, tried-and-tasted, recipes of 2017. The number one recipe is a staple in my kitchen, and I am happy to learn it’s one in yours too!

Wishing you health, happiness, and joy for the new year from my kitchen to yours! XO, Ceara

11. Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

Who can resists this Vegan Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie? Made in a cast iron skillet with only 9 simple ingredients – no bowls or fancy mixing required! 

10. Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread

This Gluten Free Vegan Pumpkin Bread was my most requested recipe of 2017.  This Fall loaf is soft, springy and super moist. Made with pumpkin spice and lots of pumpkin flavor!

9. Vegan Mushroom Barley Soup

You can never go wrong with a cozy bowl of Mushroom Barley Soup. I use three different types of mushrooms in this recipe for extra depth and flavour. Instant pot, slow cooker, and stovetop instructions included!

We enjoyed this at lunch today! It was very tasty, warm and a hearty meal with the vegan biscuits! Delicious! – Kim

8. Roasted Butternut Squash Alfredo

Roasted Butternut Squash Alfredo is the perfect meal for a cool, Fall evening and ready in one hour from start-to-finish.

oil free hummus

7. The Best Fluffy Oil-Free Hummus

I could eat hummus with every meal of the day (seriously, haha). This is my go-to hummus recipe made without any added oil. You’ll never want to buy hummus from the store again!

This hummus is so easy to make and so delicious! – Carol

6. One Pot Fettuccine Alfredo

This recipe is a go-to in our weeknight meal rotation. Rich, garlicky, and creamy Vegan One Pot Fettuccine Alfredo made with only 9-ingredients and ready in 30 minutes flat.

This was so good!!! Made it tonight and even my kids ate it! (And they are sooooo picky!) – Jennifer

5. Ricotta and Spinach Vegan Cannelloni

Cannelloni pasta stuffed with a cheesy and savory dairy-free Ricotta, covered in homemade marinara sauce and baked with parmesan until crispy. Say no more?

Made this for dinner last night and had a friend over that has an aversion to anything “vegan” ….. This was a winner he did not know it was vegan, after he had eaten he said how good it was, then I told him it was vegan, well he was very surprised. My husband is great, he tries anything I cook vegan and he loved it too. I thought it was delicious, I must admit I wasn’t sure about the tofu ricotta but it’s a winner. So the consensus from everyone is, I have to cook this again. Thanks for such a great recipe. – Ruth

4. Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

This Vegan Mozzarella Cheese is life changing! Stretchy, cheesy, and melty and made with 7 simple ingredients. Serve as an appetizer with fresh basil and sliced tomatoes or enjoy in a grilled cheese sandwich.

3. The Best Darn Homemade Vegan Burgers

These are the Best Darn Homemade Vegan Burgers! Meaty and hearty with spot-on texture, your entire family will love these veggie burgers.

2. Oil-Free Fat Free Fries

Crispy Oil Free Fries that are BAKED and not fried. That’s right, there’s no frying required for these golden fries. And this recipe is just maybe the easiest recipe you will ever make, with only two ingredients…

I just made these today and they were AMAZING! – Brittany

And the most popular recipe of 2017 is…

1. Vegan Parmesan!!

Vegan Parmesan made with a handful of ingredients in less than five minutes. I always make sure to have some of this savory parmesan on hand to sprinkle on pastapotatoes, and use as a topping for casseroles.

Okay, just wow! 🙂 This is BETTER than parm. – Sharon

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