Favorite Vegan Holiday Recipes
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Favorite Vegan Holiday Recipes

A round-up of my favourite vegan recipes for the holidays. These vegan holiday recipes are my absolute favourite because they are simple, delicious, and hearty! These recipes are sure to keep all your guests happy and satisfied… even without the turkey. 😉

What is your favourite meal to make for the holidays? Thanksgiving just passed here and our family hosted one completely vegan Thanksgiving and a second one that was almost 100% plant-based. When I talk about what we’re eating for the holidays to non-vegans I often get one of the following responses:

  • What are you going to eat?
  • What could you possibly eat that’s vegan for the holidays?
  • But how about the turkey?

And I get it, before I was vegan (or vegetarian), I truly couldn’t imagine a holiday meal without a roast or turkey centrepiece – the entire meal is built around that.

But I am going to let everyone in on a not-so-secret secret…

Most holiday sides are naturally vegan… or very easily made plant-based.

I think back to all the holidays I enjoyed before I was vegetarian and the beautiful variety of sides were always my favourite part. I mean what other meals do you have several sides to accompany a gorgeous main? 

These are my favourite vegan holiday recipes because they are simple, delicious, hearty and won’t leave any of your guests with any doubts about eating a vegan meal for the holidays!


Vegan Holiday Recipes
Vegan Egg Bread
Vegan Holiday Recipes
Fluffy Pancakes
Vegan Holiday Recipes
Whole Wheat Waffles









Vegan Holiday Recipes
French Toast
Vegan Holiday Recipes
Vegan Scrambled Eggs









French ToastFrench toast made without any eggs is simple life changing!

Vegan Holiday Egg Bread Your family will never know this vegan challah is not made with any eggs!

Vegan Scrambled EggsI make these at least once a week and they are a must for any holiday brunch

Fluffy Pancakes and Whole Wheat WafflesIs a holiday even a holiday without pancakes smothered in maple syrup?


Vegan Holiday Recipes
Potato Leek Soup
Vegan Holiday Recipes
Cream of Mushroom Soup
Vegan Holiday Recipes
Healthy Spinach Dip









Potato Leek Soup and Cream of Mushroom Soup The perfect start to any holiday meal

Healthy Vegan Spinach Dip – This always disappears within 10 minutes of me serving it!


Vegan Holiday Recipes
Vegan Shepherd’s Pie
Vegan Holiday Recipes
Vegan Beef Bourguignon


Vegan Holiday Recipes
Mac and Cheese









Vegan Shepherd’s Pie A hearty lentil, vegetable mixture topped off with a thick layer of mashed potatoes baked until crispy and golden brown

Vegan Beef Bourguignon  – This holiday main is even a favourite of my non-vegan, mushroom-hating dad!

Mac and Cheese – You really can’t go wrong serving mac and cheese any day of the year… holidays included!


Vegan Holiday Recipes
5-Ingredient Vegan Biscuits
Vegan Holiday Recipes
Stuffed Mushrooms
Vegan Holiday Recipes
Creamy Mushrooms









5-Ingredient Vegan Biscuits – No butter, no eggs? No problem! These biscuits are one of my most popular recipes on the site!

Stuffed Mushrooms – Fun to make and eat.

Creamy Mushrooms – Caramelized mushrooms covered in a rich and creamy cashew sauce.

Vegan Holiday Recipes
Vegan Scalloped Potatoes
Vegan Holiday Recipes
Easy Vegan Gravy


Vegan Holiday Recipes
Vegan Cheese Sauce










Vegan Scalloped Potatoes – My favorite holiday side, hands-down

Easy Vegan Gravy – Rich gravy made with dried mushrooms and red wine

Vegan Cheese Sauce – Delicious on broccoli for the holidays


Vegan Holiday Recipes
Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie
Vegan Holiday Recipes
Easy Pumpkin Pie









Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie – Because who doesn’t want to dig into a giant brown butter cookie for the holidays?

Easy Pumpkin Pie This pumpkin pie is soo simple to make and delicious – there’s never any left even after a big holiday meal!

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