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The Best Fluffy Oil-Free Hummus

The Best Fluffy Oil-Free Hummus made with seven ingredients and ready in ten minutes flat. With a few simple tricks for making the best homemade hummus, you’ll never want to buy hummus from the store again!

fluffy oil-free hummusExciting news!

I am so excited to share my very first recipe video with you (scroll down to see it)! A lot of you have requested recipe videos over the years (since I started Ceara’s Kitchen almost four years ago in 2013) and I’m thrilled to start making videos of my recipes to bring them to life. I’m going to start doing videos for all my new recipes and (some of my most popular past recipes as well). If there’s a recipe you’d like me to make into a video, let me know if the comments below. 🙂

The Best Fluffy Oil-Free Hummus

Raise your hand if you love HUMMUS! Me, me, meee! Hummus is one food I could not live without. It might be stereotypical as a vegan, but Hummus truly is a staple in my daily diet. I always have some in my fridge to enjoy with freshly chopped veggies, serve as an easy appetizer, on burgers, or even use as a dip with homemade fries. You can just never go wrong! I even had hummus with some pita and cucumbers for breakfast this week.

I am sure we can all agree that Homemade Hummus really is where it’s AT. When you make hummus from scratch, it really does taste that much better than store-bought. It also is probably one of the easiest recipes to make. It takes all of 10 minutes from start to finish. That means you are only TEN minutes and SEVEN ingredients away from Homemade Oil-Free Hummus bliss.

fluffy oil-free hummus

Hummus Tip #1

My first secret to making the creamiest Oil-Free Hummus is to make it in a high-speed blender. Traditionally, you’re supposed to peel every single chickpea for super creamy hummus. I am going to be honest with you, I have gone the traditional route and peeled every single chickpea for homemade hummus and it takes forever and a lifetime. #AintNobodyGotTime4That

Hummus in a high-speed blender is super creamy (like the hummus you buy in store) without any peeling required. Add all the ingredients to a high-speed blender and blend away!

If you don’t have a high-speed blender at home, this is the one I use – it’s very effective and doesn’t break the bank like a lot of the high-speed blenders out there.

fluffy oil-free hummus

Hummus Tip #2

Add aquafaba!! The liquid in the chickpea can (or the leftover chickpea water if you are using home-cooked chickpeas) makes the creamiest and fluffiest Oil-Free Hummus without the need for ANY oil. ⇩⇩⇩

fluffy oil-free hummus

Hummus Tip #3

Add a bit more liquid than most recipes call for. Since you are blending your Oil-Free Hummus, you’ll need a little bit more liquid to get the hummus blending until it is creamy smooth and fluffy. Hummus also naturally thickens in the fridge, giving it the perfect creamy and fluffy consistency.

Hummus Tip #4

Don’t skimp on the tahini. 1 or 2 tablespoons won’t cut it. Tahini gives hummus it’s distinct flavor. I use 1/3 cup of tahini in my Oil-Free Hummus.

Hummus Tip #5

This probably goes without saying, but use freshly squeezed lemon juice. This really makes all the difference in the flavor of the final result.

fluffy oil-free hummus

If you make this Oil-Free Homemade Hummus at home, leave your feedback below, snap a shot and tag me #CearasKitchen on Instagram – I love hearing from you! XO.

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vegan oil free hummus

The Best Fluffy Oil-Free Hummus

  • Author: Ceara
  • Total Time: 10 mins
  • Yield: 2 cups hummus 1x


The Best Fluffy Oil-Free Hummus made with seven ingredients and ready in ten minutes flat. With a few simple tricks for making the best homemade hummus, you’ll never want to buy hummus from the store again!


  • 1 (15-ounce) can chickpeas or 1 1/2 cups (250 grams) cooked chickpeas
  • 1/41/3 cup aquafaba
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 1/3 cup tahini (stir before measuring)
  • 12 cloves fresh garlic
  • 1/2 tsp chili powder (optional but recommended)
  • 1/2 tsp cumin powder
  • Pinch sea salt


  • Parsley


  1. Add chickpeas, 1/4 cup aquafaba, lemon juice, tahini, 1 clove garlic, chili powder, cumin powder, and sea salt to a high-speed blender (or food processor).
  2. Blend, blend, blend until creamy (1 to 2 minutes). Scrape the sides of the blender halfway through blending. Taste test and add additional garlic and sea salt to taste. Add additional aquafaba by the tablespoon (I use 1/3 cup aquafaba total when I make hummus).
  3. Add hummus to a bowl or deep plate. Garnish with cumin, chili powder, and parsley. Enjoy!


1) I’ve been getting a lot of question about what aquafaba is – aquafaba is the cooking liquid of chickpeas. It is the liquid found in the canned chickpeas cans or the liquid left over from cooking your own.
2) Make sure the tahini you use in this recipe is oil-free, for this recipe to be 100% oil-free.

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Category: Appetizer

And if you’re craving some Hummus with a kick, try my Roasted Garlic and Harissa Hummus recipe.

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  1. So simple! I can’t believe I wasted my time boiling and peeling with other recipes in the past. This came out fluffy and delicious. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  2. Thank you so much for this delicious recipe!! I like to add black sesame in mine. Gives it an earthier flavor which I love.

    1. Yes, it’s just 100% sesame seeds. It will have naturally occurring fat from the seeds but no added oil. I buy at sprouts or trader Joe’s 😊

  3. It would have been helpful if you had a Pinterest icon or email link for those of us seeing the recipe on their phones. I can’t print from my phone and I don’t have a laptop. It’s too cumbersome to write your entire recipe and insttructions.

  4. Great recipe. Really love it! Just a quick clarification for those who also love this recipe but may not be clear when asking about tahini. They may be asking about oil in reference to Dr, Collin Esselstyn’s version of plant based diet for the prevention and reversal of heat disease. He does not recommend tahini because of its fat content. Not meant as a judgmental or negative comment on a great recipe – and clearly not arguing semantics of “is it or isn’t it” added oil. Just trying to help answer for those that maybe asking in relation to the good doctor’s program. For more, you may want to look up Rip Esselstyn’s recipe (His son) for hummus – which isn’t as tasty…. Here is a quote from his Engine 2 Diet recipe for oil free hummus, he says, “This is the most basic of the spreads. You can find a variation of this recipe in almost any grocery store, but 95 percent of them are made with either olive oil or tahini (sesame paste), which pushes up the fat content.”

    1. This is the recipe! Really good, without oil. I’d still like to figure out roasted red pepper hummus. I tried using the roasted red pepper instead of the aquafaba, but it wasn’t right.

  5. Delicious! This is the best oil-free hummus recipe I have found. I added sliced black olives to the top when I served it and it was a huge hit! Thank you! Clearly a 5 star recipe *****

  6. For those trying to avoid oil (because of the fat content), be aware that Tahini (ground sesame seeds) is VERY high in fat. If you have cardiovascular disease/ stroke and are trying to follow a Whole Food Plant-Based way of eating (A.K.A. Drs. Barnard, Esselstyn, McDougall, Ornish), skip the Tahini.

    1. Tahini is a minimally processed ( just ground sesame seeds) – just like peanut butter that is only ground peanuts – and is perfectly acceptable for aWFPB diet. You are correct about it being hi in fat , like most seeds and nuts. At least its the good fats.

  7. I love hummus too and have it several times a week. I make mine essentially the same way, but don’t use the cumin or chili powder. However, one trick I do is I also microplane in a lot of lemon zest. It really amps up the lemon flavor and adds a nice brightness.

    Sometimes I mix things up and do half chickpeas and half another kind of bean. Cannelini beans are really great because that adds such a creaminess and smoothness to it. If I have black beans on hand, I use those as well. Especially good with tortilla chips.

  8. I NEVER leave comments but this was totally delicious! I completely agree with what you said about peeling the chickpeas dear Lord life is far too short for that complication! I made it in my blender instead of my food processor and it was so much better than other oil free recipes I had tried! I was shocked! I will definitely try your other recipes! Thank you for this

  9. I wanted to leave 5 stars but touch screen is pernicketty. Excellent excellent excellent recioe. I used mixed beans today and it was equally awesome. I tried using red pepper one but they were too wet and it ruined the fluffy… Bleh

    1. Delicious! I made it as written and LOVE the blend of garlic, lemon, cumin, red pepper. Soooooo good. I can imagine adding other spices and nuts for variety-or thinning it a bit more for a delicious salad dressing. Thank you!

  10. Best hummus I’ve ever made. You were right about the Tahini, I used to scrimp. But I just have less of the hummus per serving to make up for the extra calories. It’s better to have a little of something delicious than a bunch of something bland. Thank you.

  11. Was pretty aggressive with the tahini, lemon, and the aquafaba. Used a Moroccan spice mix as I was out of cumin. Spread it on a raw onion wrap with julienned carrots, zucchini and sprouts. Amazing!

    1. Why have I waited so long to make my own hummus!? This was fantastic! I only used a TBS of tahini to make it low fat. My 2 year old made it with me and we both are saying Mmmmmm! Thank you!

  12. Thank you for this recipe Ceara. I was concerned about the oil content in the tahini too (which I have never heard of 🙂 ) and since I need to be on a low fat diet, I googled “can you have tahini on a low cholesterol diet”. Some interesting facts came up that were surprising but it seems that there are properties in tahini that are actually helpful in lowering cholesterol (and hormones in women of menopause age, yay!). I would suggest to anyone who is concerned about that ingredient but want to make your recipe to google some information too. That may prove helpful. Thanks again, I can’t wait to try this!

  13. OMGOSH!!!! I used your tips for a Smoked Serrano Hummus recipe from my local Savory and Spice shop. I am not trying to eat a lot of oils so I used aquafaba instead. I also followed your directions about using more tahini. GIRL! That is all I can say. My dinner tonight? The hummus and veggies.

  14. Hi. I need to make.this with no tahini or oil or salt. I’m diabetic and have cholesterol as well. Any suggestions?

  15. You mention at the beginning of this oil free hummus recipe that there is a video, but I don’t see the link for the video. Where do I find the video? Thanks very much.

  16. This is indeed the best hummus I’ve ever made – oil free or not. I added extra garlic, a quarter cup of salsa, and 2 small pickled jalapeño peppers. So delicious! Very creamy! Love it.

  17. This recipe is delicious.
    It’s my go-to for Basic hummus. I modified this recipe later and made a black bean version with roasted garlic. It was amazing.

  18. Truly the best hummus I’ve ever had. So creamy, light and delicious. I used Za’tar Instead of cumin,. this is a great base recipe which I can’t wait to make with other flavors. Thanks so much, Ceara!

  19. Made this recipe tonight and Wow! It was amazing! Thank you for posting the recipe. Fixing to share it with several of my hummus loving friends.😋

  20. Ok….I forgot to save the bean water from cooking. I used regular water. My recipe didn’t hang together at all. It was thick, not creamy, and half of it stuck in my Vitamin. 🙁

  21. Absolutely delicious! Fluffy and easy to make. I just wish I would have left out the cumin. Not a big fan of cumin but even without seasoning it would be amazing!

  22. This was wonderful! I will never buy store bought hummus again. I didn’t season mine at all, and I love it! I wanted to start off as plain as possible and season in the end, but I loved it plain. Thank you so very much!

  23. I just made this, and ooooooooh my goodness!! So easy, so fast, SO DELICIOUS! Thank you for posting this. It’s perfect!

  24. Ok – so I’m slightly tardy to the party but this is a delicious hummus. I’ve been laboring over recipes that take twice as much effort and time. I whipped this up in just a few minutes. Thank you Ceara. Gonna put this recipe in my go to’s.

  25. I think the confusion about oils is brought about by our understanding of harmful refined or processed oils as against the beneficial fats we get directly by eating whole foods. I do not think they are the same.

  26. THANK YOU so much for this recipe! I’ve tried to exclude processed oil in my food for a year or so, but I’ve struggled with my hummus. If I was lucky, it turned out just right, but most times it turned out boring and tasteless. I’ve just tried this recipe for the first time and it turned out perfect in the first try. I followed the recipe as it is and didn’t feel the need to add more spices or garlic. This will be my go-to hummus recipe from now on!

  27. Thank you for this! I just went “added oil-free” – which is so often confused with” fat-free” as seen in some comments here and elsewhere – thank you for clarifying that tahini is a seed butter, in the way that almond butter is ground up almonds, or a smoothie is processed fruits & veggies – not an extracted oil, so it’s a whole food. ANYWAY, this was delicious. I skipped the chili powder, doubled the cumin, and added a dash of cayenne and za’atar. My Vitamix was occupied so I used the processor and ran it until it was silky smooth. And the can of chickpeas left me with plenty of extra aquafaba.

  28. I love this recipe! I have made this many times! <3 Most other recipes ask for olive oil AND tahini. My friend opened up an Arabic restaurant and he uses the same ingredients, minus the added chili and cumin (No ADDITIONAL oil in the mix) However, they do blend while warm after soaking overnight.

  29. I love this recipe absolutely fabulous! I’m not a total fan of store bought hummus and have tried making my own that did not turn out very well in the past. I am amazed by this recipe. Great Job. I took 1/2 and added artichoke hearts and spinach and gave it a whirl in the blender leaving it a little chunky….both are so good.
    For those of you wondering about the fat…maybe search Whole Food Plant Based and see what you find…it’s been a wonderful way for me to eat…Maybe it’s something you will want to try.

  30. Nut butters oils are used. This recipe is not oil free or fat free. And there is no healthy oil. Just saying.

    1. There’s about 25grams oil in 1/3cup tahini, which is more fat than I take in each day. I wonder if enough oil rises to the surface to appreciably reduce the fat content by just pouring it out rather than mixing it in. At least the flavor would be there.

    1. Tahini is not sesame oil…….it is ground sesame seeds, so it is a whole food. She used a brand with no added oil, such as Baracke brand, which has only one ingredient, ground sesame seed with no added oil or other ingredients hello.

  31. Definitely a great article article that sounds wonderful. But how do you make oil-free tahini? Put the Heeney Haswell in it does it not I’m just asking

  32. Happy you’re avoiding the store bought hummus…

    As a Lebanese, growing up in Lebanon, you can imagine that perfecting hummus was a staple in every kitchen…

    Hope you’re open to couple of advices…

    You don’t need to peel the chickpeas, the trick is to overcook them on low heat and blend them while hot (authentic hummus restaurants will cook them overnight). Once you cook your hummus, don’t worry about Aquafaba, you will have enough stock to control the texture to your liking.

    Tahini is a oil in disguise… just leave it to rest in a clear jar for few weeks and you will see more than 1/3 is made of oil. If overused – apart from fat content – it tend to overtake the texture of the hummus and definitely its taste. Your hummus (aka chickpeas in Arabic) will end up very creamy but be mostly made of stock and tahini.

    Last but not least, cumin and chilli are considered a toppings to hummus (mutually exclusive as cumin is mostly used when you serve your hummus with whole chickpeas on top and chilli (cayenne pepper) for a pure version. Reason for that, again since hummus is made while hot, adding spices at that temperature will mutate their composition and that will affect the end taste…

    Keep on cooking!


    1. BASSAM –
      When cooking the beans overnight, how is this done? Do you start with dry chickpeas or canned (I’m guessing dried).
      Also, do you put any tahini at all in with this method? I’m looking for a way to have no added oil, and no tahini in my hummus, and still have it turn out creamy/moist!
      I appreciate any help with this!

      1. I found that you can use a slow cooker overnight to cook the dry chick peas, on low 8 hours, using 1 1/2 cups of chick peas to 7 cups of water. Works like a charm and yields enough for two batches of hummus.

  33. I made this twice today, once with 1.5 cups of chickpeas and the second time with 4.5 cups. Both recipes turned out perfectly. Very flavorful, nice texture. Definitely my go to recipe from now on. In answer to Lizzie’s question, tahini does not (or rather, should not have) refined oil. The oil comes from the sesame seeds, which is different than the refined oils from the bottle that are used for making commercial hummus. The fat from sesame seeds is healthy fat of the type that is found in nuts and seeds. Thanks again for this great recipe.

    1. Hi Anuh! Tahini is a seed butter made by processing sesame seeds – there’s no added oil in this recipe. Make sure the tahini you are buying just says sesame seeds to make sure there’s no added oil!

    1. Tahini is a seed butter made by processing sesame seeds – there’s no added oil in this recipe. Make sure the tahini you are buying just says sesame seeds to make sure there’s no added oil! 🙂

      1. I think what he’s saying is that sasame seeds (and hence tahini) are 50% fat, so you can’t add a load of tahini and claim it’s oil free, as you’re adding oil in the form of the tahini.

        1. Smh. Sesame seeds are a whole food. So the natural unrefined oil that comes from them is not adding oil. Its natural fats. Her recipe is oil free – as in no added gross refined oils. If thats too hard to grasp then move along to the next recipe! BTW- Ceara made this today and its amazing 😉

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