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Weekend Eats & Fresh Start Mondays #MoveitMondays

Monday is always a fresh start for me.

Because #letsbehonest, during the weekend I like to indulge a little in the things I love. 

Like in this homemade vegan pizza I made last night with friends. (*Honestly, this crust from Sally’s Baking Addiction is to die for.)

Vegan Pizza

Or in these beautiful Kale Chips I made and devoured on Saturday morning followed by this delicious homemade Shephard’s Pie on Saturday night. #comfortfood

Kale Chips

And when there are weekend treats, Chocolate Cake is never too far away. I shared this Oil Free Chocolate Cake with some friends over the weekend and it never disappoints. Nobody believed me when I told them I used sweet potato instead of butter in the cake!

Oil Free Chocolate Cake

Because deprivation is something that never sits well with me or lasts for the long run. Believe me, after two days on the cabbage soup diet way-back-when I think I ate half my fridge because I lost the “willpower” to stay on it. 

And that’s how this diet-binge cycle starts – depriving yourself of the things you love until you can’t handle it anymore and lose the will-power to stay on whatever diet craze is fadding in the latest hot minute.

Deprivation really sucks. Amiright?

And that’s why I prefer to eat healthy, reasonably and happily rather than stressing out over eating that extra piece of chocolate cake over the weekend. 


Because come Monday, I know there will be lots of greens, fruit and veggies to be enjoyed. So Monday morning, with my green smoothie in hand and running shoes by the door. I’m back on board for another week full of healthy and tasty eats. And next weekend, I know I’ll indulge a little in the things I love. And that’s okay because it’s all about #eathappylivehappy, friends! 

2014-07-15 11.55.31

Happy Monday! 🙂


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  2. Totally making that Tropical Green Smoothie tomorrow morning! I make something similar usually with peaches instead of mango, but changing it up keeps my tastebuds guessing! Thanks for the great recipes and read. 🙂

  3. Love this post! I tend to be too hard on myself and quit the healthy eating bandwagon when I mess up over the weekend. Or anytime really. I really love your positive vibes on your blog! 🙂

  4. I love how positive you are on Mondays (and every other day, too)! Totally what I need to start my week out. I always indulge a little on the weekends too, so it’s nice to start Monday out on the right foot! I saw your kale chips and pizza on Instagram over the weekend and I was drooling! I’ve always wanted to bake kale so I’m definitely going to try out recipe! Have a great day, Ceara!

    1. Thanks for the sweet words as always Gayle 🙂 Let me know if you try the kale chips – we’re obsessed 😉 Happy Monday!

  5. Happy Monday Ceara! You ate well this weekend. I love kale chips, and that pizza looks incredible. I love Sally’s blog too. 🙂

    Diet is a four letter word in my opinion. They never work in the long term. I totally agree with you, a healthy lifestyle, filled with whole foods, is the best way to maintain a healthy weight. And running, that works wonders! I’ll be making my green smoothie and putting on my tennis shoes in a bit. Monday is tennis day, but Tuesday is my running day. 🙂 Enjoy!

    1. You are spot on, there is nothing sustainable about dieting! I totally agree with you – a life full of healthy, whole, delicious foods is def. the best way to live 🙂 Enjoy tennis and Happy Monday Linda!

  6. Hi Ceara, those kale chips looks to die for! I totally agree, depriving yourself does not work, you have to indulge now and then or go insane. I’ll have to try that crust from Sally’s baking addiction, have done other recipes of hers and they have been great =) Your totally right, if you deprive yourself too much you loose your willpower to stick with it. There’s never any incentive to exercise if you never get a treat. I learned that the hard way =)

    1. Thanks Laura – I’ve been all about the kale chips here not that they’re finally in season and available!! The pizza crust from Sally’s was divine and so easy to make I’d def. recommend it! Happy Monday 🙂

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