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Favorite Summer Things

Aaaaaaand it’s August. Can you guys believe it’s already (dare I say it?) halfway through Summer? How is your Summer going?!? Any exciting places you’re visiting? New finds you love? Habits you’ve created?! I thought I’d share with you a couple updates going on in the life along with my *Favorite Summer Things*.


It’s been my first Summer working full-time as a writer (my day job when I’m not blogging away) and my first-time in forever enjoying an entire Summer in Toronto. My days cramming for my final Master’s thesis and travelling Europe last Summer seem far away and yet not that long ago. It’s funny how much can change in a year.


We headed up North this past weekend with Jeroen’s family who was visiting from Belgium to show them a taste of the Canadian “wild” (meaning we stayed at a condo  in Muskoka, lol) πŸ˜‰ For those of you aren’t familiar with Ontario, Muskoka is a beautiful area a few hours north of Toronto. It’s where “Toronto people” go to get a taste of nature. And I just love it up there. It was so peaceful and serene getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city for the weekend and enjoying some quality time with loved ones. I feel completely refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things.


Summer Faves

1. Exploring the Toronto Bike Path. The Toronto Bike Path has been a mystery to me up until this year. I know it’s there but where it goes – who knows?! I’ve had so much fun this Summer discovering the city by bike and foot. My favorite bike path is cycling from the Harbourfront downtown and finding a quaint location to lunch at the beach.


2. Food for Thought Podcast. I’ve been listening to this Podcast since last Summer and absolutely love everything Colleen has to say. I love her informed perspective and rekindled my love for her podcast this season when I started walking to and from work everyday. 

3. Juice CC Cream. I am in love with this face cream. It’s SPF 30, super light, completely vegan and made without any weird products found in traditional beauty products. Nuff said.

 4. This Body Butter. Speaking of beauty products, Ellovi body butter in Mint Chocolate. Your skin will thank you. I kind of wanted to BATHE in it when I first opened it up and I’ve been using it on everything shy from actually eating it (even though apparently you can, ha!).

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Obsessed with this show on Netflix right now —  it guarantees a good laugh. πŸ˜€

6. Summer BBQs. I want to grill everyythang this time of year.

IMG_05057. Everything avocado and this salad.



8. This new vegan restaurant. I almost fell off my chair when reading about this new completely vegan spot to open soon. Helllooo eggplant steak.

9. Harley Pasternak Blender. My new fave high-powered blender that makes everything from nut butters to the creamiest smoothies ever.

10. This study. Gooo plants go!

11. Rinsing my hair with apple cider vinegar and baking soda with citrus essential oils. It’s brought out the natural blonde highlights in my hair and made it superrrrrrrrr soft.

12. Alll the Summer produce.


13. My ice cream maker. Because it’s HOT, hot, hot.

14. Kitty Cuddles.


15. Days by the pool.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

16. Snapchat. Do you snap? I’ve been lovvvvvvving sharing daily snaps with you guys. Follow me “CearasKitchen” to see all my behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

What are some of your favorite things this Summer? Share below!! β†“↓↓

Come back for a visit later this week to check out my next recipe. I’ve already made it twice this week and it stars my last favorite for the day – lemon

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  1. It sounds like you’re having such a great summer! We have a nice bike path in our town too, and I’ve been using it a lot the past few months. I also completely feel you on the love of kitty cuddles & avocados. Two very good things!

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