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This is a food blog right? The answer is Yes! Soo why should my first post be on running? Because I want this to be a space where we can talk about food that gives us lots of feel-good energy in order for us to accomplish things we never thought were possible! Like me and running 🙂 I grew up as the typical kid who always got chosen last in gym class. As I approached the 8th grade I often “faked being sick” because I dreaded gym so much. This non-active attitude continued into my late teens as I’d get winded running even half a block to catch the bus. I truly never thought of myself as an active person and now I am training for a half-marathon. How did that even happen? I ask myself that question often.
When I decided I was going to make a big lifestyle change I knew that working out was going to be a big part of it. The only problem was that I really did not like working out. I started with the 21-day yoga challenge on Yoga Journal. I never anticipated how much Yoga would help me feel better about myself,  eating as well as remaining calm during exam times. Calmer me meant a me that was less likely to come home from class and mindlessly stress eat a whole chocolate bar and box of pasta. I started with this and started to feel increasingly better about myself, my body and making this healthy lifestyle happen. I accompanied this with 10 minute workouts I found online  (I will attach some of my favourites to the bottom of this post) and found this made a significant difference in my overall health and weight loss. I admit that it was not easy at the beginning. I used to have to break in the middle of these 10 minutes work outs just to catch my breath. 
As I started to become more active with doing yoga, the 10 minute workouts and walking I started to think about other ways I could become more active. At the end of spring my friends from work and I started a running club consisting of runners from all different levels. I decided to embark with them on my first jog that would change my life forever (I just did not know it yet!). The first run was hard. Before the run even started I had a million thoughts buzzing around in my head. I was scared I would make a fool of myself and that I would not be able to finish. I had never successfully finished a run before. I ran about 1.5 km and then could hardly breathe – I remember thinking how do people do this? Thankfully I was with some great friends or I honestly do not think I could have even continued without their positive motivation. Mid run, I had to walk for about a km and then slowly jogged back. I was exhausted afterwards but something had changed within me because I knew I could do it again. I continued running a few times a week with this group of inspiring friends and finally we broke the 5 km mark (some of us for the first time!). I remember feeling so proud of myself and my capabilities after my first 5 km. I continued challenging myself in the group and running by myself. Eventually, by the end of the summer, I slowly worked myself up to running 10 km a few times a week. Running actually gave me more energy than I ever had before. If running were a magic pill everyone would be taking it – you feel better, have more energy, and get in shape! I recently ran an 8 km race with my boyfriend in Belgium and it was such a great high – it will definitively not be my last!
So, if it is your first time running or you are a runner already – get out there, get moving, and most importantly, have fun! It doesn’t have to be a run, go for a walk, bike ride, or skip rope – do something good for you!  Drop the all-or-nothing attitude towards healthy eating and activity – think baby steps (Rome wasn’t built in a day!).
As one of my great friends said to me to inspire me on my first run that started it all – “Nobody ever regrets a run!”
running 2
 Here are some short (but powerful workouts!) that I started out with! 

Food posts coming soon:

Hearty Fall Mac and Cheese and Pumpkin Oatmeal Banana Bread 
(but shhh… you’ll never guess they are both healthy and vegan!)

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