Vegan Yogurt
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Vegan Yogurt

Vegan Yogurt



Vegan Yogurt recipe

Okay guys, let’s be honest here. Yogurt has been the one thing I have REALLY missed since going vegan. I used to eat yogurt by the container and put it on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I also loved to make homemade yogurt at home every week.

I know, I know. There are lots of vegan yogurt brands in the shops. But they all taste off to me. I’ve tried them, baked with them and tried to like them but I just can’t. They are all flavored or sweetened in some odd way and none of them come to close to the tangy, creamy, good ol’ plain yogurt I love.

And guess what guys? 

how to make yogurt

Homemade vegan yogurt is super easy to make at home AND is made with only TWO (that’s right folks, TWO) ingredients.

Soy milk and probiotics.

To note, the probiotic you use is important – it has to be the strong, vegan (obviously, lol) and the refrigerated sort. I use the Vegan Ultimate Flora Probiotic with 100 billion cultures in this recipe. It works perfectly in yogurt and does not leave any funny probiotic aftertaste.

Vegan yogurt is also super easy to make…

ceara s kitchen

The hardest part about making this yogurt is waiting for it to set in the turned off oven overnight.

But, if you are patient, when you wake up, your creamy, tangy, tart Homemade Vegan Yogurt will magically appear!

In case you are wondering, that funny liquid forming on the top is the whey.

time 12 hours for making yogurt

You can either stir the whey into the yogurt for a thinner yogurt or scoop it off for a thicker Greek-style yogurt. 

Use this non-dairy yogurt like you’d use any yogurt. Eat it plain, with fruit, granola, bake with it, cook with it… or make it into a cheese.! I’m experimenting this weekend with homemade hard vegan yogurt cheese – I’ll be sharing the results with you guys soon.

recipe since soy

And remember, if you whip this Homemade Vegan Yogurt up at home. Make sure to tag your delicious Ceara’s Kitchen creations on Instagram with #CearasKitchen, share them on the CK Facebook page or share your feedback in the comments below! #EatHappyLiveHappy #VeganYogurtBaby

Vegan Yogurt

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Vegan Yogurt

Vegan Yogurt

  • Author: Ceara
  • Total Time: 12 hours
  • Yield: 4 heaping cups yogurt 1x


A tangy, creamy and thick vegan yogurt made with only two simple ingredients! You won’t believe there isn’t ANY dairy in this traditional style yogurt.


  • 1 unsweetened soy milk carton (946 ml/ 32 oz/ 4 1/2 cups)
  • 1 vegan probiotic capsule (I use the 100 billion Ultimate Flora Ultra Potent in this recipe but any strong vegan probiotic that needs to be kept in the fridge will work). You use the inside powder of the probiotic in the recipe.


  • A candy thermometer – this is to make sure your milk is at precisely the right temperature.


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 110F/43C.
  2. Warm up the milk: Pour the soy milk into a large pot over medium-high heat. Gently stirring with a whisk continuously, warm the milk up until just before boiling (you will see tiny little bubbles begin to appear before the milk is at it’s simmering point). If you are using a thermometer it should read 200F/93C. Continue to stir the milk as it warms up so ensure that the milk does not scorch on the bottom of the pan and the milk does not boil over.
  3. Cool the milk down: Remove the milk from the stove-top and leave it to cool until it is just warm to the touch. Your thermometer should read 112F/44C to 115F/4C. Stir the milk every so often to prevent a skin from forming on the top. If you are in a rush, you can speed this step up by placing your pot in an ice water bath.
  4. Add the probiotic: Open up the probiotic and add the inside powder to the cooled milk. Whisk the probiotic into the milk.
  5. Yogurt setting time! Transfer your milk mixture to an oven safe *non-metal* dish (like pyrex, glass jars). It is important not to use metal in the setting process because the yogurt can negatively react with the metal. Cover the dish with a lid. Place yogurt into the oven. Turn the oven off and turn the oven light on. The oven light will keep your oven at the ideal temperature for the yogurt to form. If you are not sure that your oven light is warm enough, wrap the pot in a towel (with the oven turned off). Do not open to the oven to peak or the temperature in the oven will fluctuate! Leave the yogurt to set in the oven for 8 – 12 hours (I usually make my yogurt in the evening and leave it to set overnight). The longer the yogurt stays in the oven, the tangier it gets.
  6. Cool the yogurt off: When the yogurt is set to your liking, remove it from the oven. You will see that some of the whey will have separated on the top. Either whisk it back into the yogurt or skim it off the top for a thicker yogurt. Store the yogurt in the fridge for up to a week.
  7. The next time you make yogurt you can use this same method with 1/2 cup of the yogurt from this batch to use in the next batch.


1) You can double, triple quadruple this recipe as you like! I like to triple the recipe because I like to make vegan yogurt dips and cheese with the yogurt as well).

Update: It is very important to use a strong probiotic in this recipe that is “alive”! I used the 100 billion Ultimate Flora Ultra Potent probiotic in this recipe and it works great – any strong vegan probiotic that needs to be kept in the fridge will work well. If your probiotic is not super strong, you can add a vegan yogurt starter to the yogurt when you add the probiotic to make sure your yogurt works out!

  • Prep Time: 12 hours

Vegan Yogurt recipe

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    Vegan yogurt offers a cruelty-free and sustainable alternative to traditional dairy-based yogurts. Made from plant-based ingredients such as soy, coconut, almond, or cashews, these yogurts provide a rich and creamy texture without the use of animal products. They are also free from lactose and cholesterol, making them suitable for those with dietary restrictions or preferences.

    In addition to being a healthier choice for individuals, vegan yogurts also have positive environmental impacts. The production of plant-based yogurts requires less water and land compared to traditional dairy farming. Moreover, it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with livestock farming.

    The market for vegan yogurt has expanded significantly in recent years, with various flavors and brands now available on store shelves. From fruity blends to indulgent chocolate varieties, there is a vegan yogurt option to suit every taste preference.

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  18. As a predominant vegan for some time now, I begun to crave the strawberry yoghurt I used to like in the good old days. I was surprised to find soy yoghurt for sale in the supermarket but it did have a tacky taste to it. More recently I’ve been making a lot of vegan food from scratch with lots of great recipes on the net, and I love it. My food tastes great and I can be creative too. On trying your 2x ingredient recipe (by the way, the yoghurt was delicious) and I was successful on finding 25 billion dairy free pro-biotics. But my vegan ethics did get tested when waiting at a chemist and reading that pro-biotics is a bacteria originate from breast milk. Hence (unless its substituted in its core foundation) acidophilus is indeed a cows milk ‘base’, even though it (this product) contains no actual dairy. It kind of contradicts itself for being dairy-free and somewhat misleading as often vegan ingredients can be. All that raises the question now, is am I a ‘vegan’ or a political one? Ie, honey not being classed as vegan, or I can’t wear a pair of leather shoes. Either way, your yoghurt was delicious. I’m going to e-mail the Inner Health company now, and ask them for an accurate depiction of this information. Happy eating x … Inner Health returned my question regarding the probiotics being a true vegan product. They said that there ‘dairy-free’ acidophilus originate (the original batch) from breast milk but is now cultivated and produced in a Laboratory completely independent of milk, hence why they class there product as being vegan. I guess you can be the verdict and make up your own mind on the matter 🙂 Happy eating

  19. Hi Ceara. I have tried this recipe twice and it never works — I end up with a very runny substance that tastes just like the soy milk I started with.
    I used Silk Unsweetened soy milk and the probiotic you recommended. Because I have a gas stove I can’t leave on “Warm”, I bought a slow cooker and use that to keep the yogurt warm over night to set. Nothing worked. Do you have any idea what I’m doing wrong? I really want to learn how to do this?

  20. I use WestSoy milk that is only organic soy beans and filtered water to make yogurt. Lately I have been adding vegan d and calcium powder to the milk, but I haven’t used made yogurt with those additions. Is that going to harm to process?

    1. Hi, I don’t know if anyone else has answered you and I haven’t read all of the hundred and twenty-two comments LOL but I use an instant pot which has a yogurt setting, after putting it on boil and then cooling 210 degrees, what are you guys doing and then strain the yogurt through an almond milk bag or two layers of cloth put into a mesh strainer. That gives you the Greek yogurt… it’s just a thicker consistency. And the whole issue of whey versus water is not really applicable if all you’re looking for is a thicker yogurt you just need to strain off the fluid. I put mine in the refrigerator overnight straining and in the morning the yogurt is the consistency of almost cream cheese

  21. hello,
    i was wondering whether i can use almond milk instead of soya milk…is it the same..? mean the boil temperature and the temperature to cool? thanks

  22. I made this the first time with a milk that contained only water and soy and it worked great (based on the volume measurement of 32 oz–I assume that to be fluid ounces). I tried it a second time using a milk that had vitamins added to it and it did not work, but I used it based on the cup measurement of 4 1/2 cups. I just made it a third time right now and I realized that 32 fluid ounces is NOT 4 1/2 cups. 32 fluid ounces is 4 cups (at least 4 US cups). I wonder if that could be the reason it did not work for me the second time? Anyway, I wanted to point that out to you, because I think the recipe should be changed to reflect the accurate measurements, unless I am missing something. Thanks!

  23. I made this with Now Foods Acidophilus/Bifidus 8 billion. Like the brand you recommend, it is vegetarian but not vegan because the bacteria are grown on milk. Te procedure basically worked. It was just starting to set when I had to leave home for several hours. When I got back, it had gone for too long. The whey had separated and the yogurt was curdled. However, it obviously was culturing! I’ll try again. Heating the milk not only kills “bad” bacteria but also prepares the protein to react with acid. The bacteria convert sugars to acid, which in turn makes the protein firm up.

  24. “Warm up the milk” is this step necessary? I am doing this at the moment wihtout warming the milk. It has been sitting fro a day and it has curdled (liquid [in the middle of the jar] has separated from the rest [on the top]: is this normal? Shall I mix all this or discard the liquid? Thanks!

    1. I believe the reasoning behind heating the “milk” is to kill off all the bacteria. At 180-200 degrees any bacteria in the milk will die off. When the milk cools you can then add in the bacteria that you want, in this case it is bacteria that is in yogurt. If you do not heat the milk to a high enough temperature you will risk the chance that bacteria already present will in fact sour the milk.
      This is the same process that is used in making sour cream, cream cheese, or other cheeses. Kill off all bacteria and then add back in (inoculate) the bacteria that makes the final product, in this case the probiotics that will make yogurt.

    2. Yes. heating the milk not only kills “bad” bacteria but also prepares the protein to react with the acid formed by the probiotic bacteria.

      1. FYI, I’ve been making yoghurt from UHT cows’ milk without boiling it, since the UHT process sterilizes the milk anyway. This is a great boon in time and energy – you don’t have to mess about getting the milk up to near boiling point or wait for it to cool down to innoculation temperature. I just put it in a microwave-safe jug and zap it in a few stages, taking the temperature and stirring it, until it’s at 45 degrees (that’s pushing it a bit, but it works fine for cow’s milk, which I’ve done reliably dozens of times now). I do a litre at once, putting half a litre in the jug (mainly because too full my jug doesn’t pour, but also because I can make the first half a little too hot, with any thickener in it (I usually just use powdered milk), and the second half with a spoonful of the previous batch of yoghurt can be safely heated to below the optimum – when they’re mixed together, they’ll be right). I pour these into a large glass vacuum flask and store for between 12 and 18 hours (even 23 has been fine).

        Vegan milks also come in UHT varieties, so the same should be possible with them. I have had one success, but unfortunately can’t remember which milk I used! I’m going to keep experimenting. What hasn’t worked was when I mixed vegan milk with cows’ milk – it seemed never to stop separating over days and days, with a yellowish ‘whey’ at the top. Tasted ok, but wasn’t very appealing. I think the yellow must be from something in the nuts, if that’s what I used. I did also try with oat milk, with less than satisfactory results. It is possible that ‘boiling’ (or near-boiling) might still help to make the proteins change or something, but certainly cows’ milk makes the most wonderful creamy yoghurt from UHT without.

  25. Hi! I’ve wondered if you can use a probiotic capsule to make yogurt. I think I’ll try it rather than buy a starter if ever need a new starter. ( I’ve just been using yogurt from my previous batch as a starter.) I’ve been making yogurt using the same method you do, Ceara, for a couple years. I don’t use soy milk bc I’m allergic to soy. I use 4 cans of coconut milk and 1 cup of cashew milk and it turns out great. The cashew milk is homemade. The coconut milk is full fat, guar free. I add Pomona’s Pectin if I want it thicker. Perhaps this will help folks with a soy allergy… Cheers!

      1. hello ceara! I went to the shop for probiotics the other day and I got a bottle of a liquid hemp probiotics., would I use it as a starter?

  26. Tried again. This time I let soy milk cool to about 25degreeC , 70F before adding probiotic. Then put it in the yogurt maker. I also used sweetened soy milk as the yogurt machine suggested (Silk Original). Woke up to yogurt this morning. Yippee!

  27. Was really looking forward to a less expensive and great tasting homemade soy yogurt. After reading all the comments I was very hopeful this would work. Went out and invested in a $74 yogurt Maker (I really wanted to get the temperature right) nd purchased the 100 billion Ultimate Flora, Ultra Potent refrigerated probiotic. Followed recipe exactly. Made it at 5pm last night, got up at 5am expecting to find perfect yogurt. Found warm soy milk. Did not work. Very disappointing! I have no idea what went wrong.

  28. Hi there,
    So I am not sure what I did wrong. I followed the instructions step by step and have re-read it several times. But somehow my milk did not set at all. I did use flaxseed milk because I am not such a fan of soy. Do you think that is the problem? Any advice? Please help! 🙂

  29. I can never seem to find large containers of non dairy yogurts anymore and at almost $2 a pop for a small single serving it isn’t feasible. I love mixing my post workout protein powder into yogurt , it basically tastes like pudding.I tried this recipe using a sweetened vanilla soy milk (it was the only thing I had at the time) and the probiotics I had were only 10bil so I just used more capsules to equal the proper amount of bacteria needed. I was skeptical as I went to bed and it was still liquid but sure enough in the morning I woke up to thick creamy yogurt 😁 even with the sweetener it has a sour tang to it still. Hoping it will thicken up even more now that it’s in the fridge. Thanks for the recipe. I’ll be making this in bulk soon 😂

  30. I have been searching for a vegan probiotic. In Toronto, where I live, the brand you mentioned is not vegan. That’s the Ultimate Flora 100 billion, refrigerated one. It even says if you are allergic to milk, you should not use it. Is what you’re using actually vegan? Also, the instructions for the yogurt maker I purchased say that the soy milk must have either honey or fructose or malt in it or it will not set up. Would you add a bit of honey to a carton of unsweetened soy milk?

    1. This is the product description for Ultimate Flora Ultra Potent: “Ultimate Flora Ultra Potent contains therapeutic levels of both Lactobacilli and Bifidobacterium, making it the most complete and effective probiotic supplement on the market. Each capsule provides 50 billion active cultures of Bifidobacterium and 50 billion active cultures of Lactobacilli.” This tells me that the cultures are grown on a dairy medium – so not really vegan.

      1. I used the Now Probiotic-10 100 billion that came unrefrigerated from the States to Japan. Used one capsule in organic soy milk without any sweetener and it turned out really thick like Greek yogurt. I used a yogurt maker for about 11 hours. Hope that helps!

  31. Probiotics should be purchased refrigerated. The amount of” live” cultures on the container are reflective of the quantity at the time of packaging. They degrade with time and especially without refrigeration. So an unrefrigerated shelf probiotic is mostly dead.

  32. Hello Ceara,
    I am about to order probiotic from amazon, need to know which store brand soy milk to buy for this recipe.

    1. I tried almond milk and it didn’t work. Not sure if it was the milk or what but I’ll try again with soy

  33. Ah! I’m now going to keep. Y yogurt maker. It’ll keep the proper temp for certain.

    I also have probiotic capsules. They’re 25 billion. I’ll use 1 for making a cup of ‘test’ yogurt. I’m wondering if the stuff doesn’t ‘yog’ , could I still conserve it? I hate to throw out food.

    1. Whoops! Typo: I’d meant consume.

      In addition to being cruelty free , a vegan diet Would prevent cancer and many other ills of western civ. I own The China Study and it spells out everything. Btw, Soy is a plant estrogens so it has not the same effect that animal estrogens do. Indeed, it’s protective.

  34. For folks without a yogert “appliance” ( ie yogertmaker, food dehydrator or hot pot with a yogert setting ) I have found this works really well keep a good temperature in the oven: a) if using a straight sided container like a jar or clean yogurt container fold a bath towel length-wise to hieght and spiral around. Place on a second folded towel so there will be two layers on top and bottom . Put this nest on a cookie sheet, open towel lid and preheat at lowest oven temp for 3 minutes. ( This overshoots my 115 milk temp by about 20 degrees but the towels insulate.) b)Turn off oven and keep door closed till milk/starter mix is ready. For cow’s milk non greek style yogert 115 is the ideal starting temp. If your mixture is over 118 and cetainly 120 it will die and no setting will occur. Incubation temps under 110 will give a ropy stingy cow’s milk. Anything in the 115-100 window will work. c ) Pour in mix, close towel lid and incubate. This keeps my 115 degree mixture within 2 degrees for 2.5 hours. (I like less sour yogert so I dont need lots of sugar. I havent tried this set up overnight but it would be easy to do a test run with water. ) If I am making a huge batch, I use a glass lidded bowl also wrapped in two layers of bath towel. My Dutch oven happens to hold this easily so the towels conform to rhe bowl sides. I’m sorry I havent given this a try with your vegan recipee but I figure this might help. ( Your recippe might be the catalyst to finally stop dairy for me. )

    1. Soy milk doesn’t have whey! Whey is only found in cows milk… if there is a seperation between the yogurt and liquid it’s probably water… considering soy milk is made from water and soy beans.

  35. Hey Ceara, I know it’s two years later but I just came across your recipe and decided to try it. I went to my local health food store and bought some raw probiotic culture capsules. The yogurt endened up in the right consistency but very bitter. Could it have been the fact that they were raw?

    1. I’ve been making yogurt for years, (started before becoming vegan), but never used probiotic capsules. Obviously probiotic capsules are not designed to make yogurt, so may be hit and miss depending on brand. You can get vegan yogurt starter from amazon that I have found to work pretty well.

    1. You can try, but I think the yogurt will come out thinner as those milks have a lot less protein than soya milk. Best to use soya milk.

    2. Raya, I used coconut milk but not with this recipe. I used the recipe from the MinimalistBaker; it came our great!

  36. Thank you so much for the recipe! My oven does not have a light, therefore I put glass jars in my instant pot (yogurt setting). It came out so beautifully firm, that I was truly amazed this morning. It is now cooling off in the fridge, and I can’t wait to taste it tonight and to add it to other recipes!

  37. My yogurt did not set overnight. I ordered the probiotic capsules on Amazon and they arrived in an unrefridgerated box that sat on my front porch for a few hours. Does this mean the probiotic cultures are no longer alive?

  38. Thanks for this recipe, it looks great! I have heard that what ever milk you decide to use needs to have some kind of sugar added in for the bacteria to feed off of, but I notice you use unsweetened, do you have any insight into this? Thanks!

    1. No it doesn’t need sugar. You’re probably thinking of yeast, which needs sugars to feed on. The bacteria in yogurt starters feed on protein, so unsweetened soya milk is fine. I use home made soya milk, which is made only with soya beans and water and it works fine.

      1. Phil, the way I understand it, is that in dairy yogurt the bacteria feed on the lactose which is a sugar, not a protein. Are vegan probiotics for yogurt different?

  39. Hi! I’ve tried to make it with homemade coconut milk and a yougurt starter that also has probiotics and it did not work 😢

    1. I don’t think coconut or other milks (apart from Soya) have a high enough protein for the starter to “eat”. it might work if you could mix and disolve some sort of protein in the coconut milk….

    1. The ‘whey’ in this recipe would form off of the non-dairy milk used, so no this would not be cows milk whey, it would be soy/almond milk whey.

  40. I made this and was excited because it looked like yours, but after I poured off some of the liquid, I stirred it up and it was more like curdled milk. It was not thick and creamy. What did I do wrong?

    1. According to Marji McCullough, ScD, RD, strategic director of nutritional epidemiology for the American Cancer Society, epidemiologic studies that followed large populations of healthy women for many years either have shown no association between soy and breast cancer or a protective association from eating soy. Even breast cancer survivors may not need to worry. Three studies looking at women’s eating habits and other lifestyle factors after breast cancer found that, in the combined total of 9,000 breast cancer survivors studied, eating soy actually lowered the risk of breast cancer recurrence, even in women with estrogen receptor–positive tumors (although less so), and regardless of whether they were taking tamoxifen.

      McCullough M. The bottom line on soy and breast cancer risk. The American Cancer Society website. August 2, 2012.

      1. Wrong. You can hav up to 14 servings of soy a day as long as it’s whole organic soy beans and water and nothing else. Look up Dr. Greger – he’s the only doctor with the facts when it comes to this. Everyone else is bought and paid for by the dairy and meat industry and spreads this propaganda that soy is bad, etc.

    2. Soy is thought to be a cancer promoter because it’s an exogenous estrogen, but in fact it binds to estrogen receptors in the body and prevents endogenous estrogen from being used for fuel…if you happen to have ER positive cancer to begin with. Soy on its own- unless covered in pesticides, does not promote cancer in the body.

        1. A simple way of answering this is to looks at countries with high soya consumption. See any of the problems that soya is alleged to create? Nope.

  41. Hmm, I was hopeful with this recipe, but after 10 hours in the oven with the light on (and a measured temperature of 54C), all I have is liquid, with an ever-so-small amount that is thicker at the bottom of the bowl.

    Is 54C too warm for the overnight period? There’s no mention of the exact temperature it should be kept at (it only says to turn the oven off and switch on the light).

    What do I do now? Wait longer? Throw it all out down the drain? I’d *really* like this recipe to work…

  42. Tried to make dairy yogurt many, many, (many!) times with very unsatisfying results. I was ready to give up and give that yogurt maker away … until now!

    I was a bit hesitant to try a soy yogurt since, like Ceara, all the store brands tried had a very weird taste to me. This recipe gave me a creamy, silky and fresh yogurt, with just the right amount of tanginess; a bit like fil (for my fellow Swedes).

    This time, the yogurt maker is a keeper!

  43. Can you use a non vegan probiotic. I’m not vegan but want to try soy based yogurt. Just wondering if there is something special re vegan probiotic or its just that it’s vegan. And therefore will any 50-100B probiotic work? Thanks!

    1. Hi Rick,

      I used one heaping tablespoon of regular plain no additives dairy yogurt as my starter culture.
      Before adding it to your pot, make sure the starter yogurt is at room temperature or just add a bit of the warm soy milk to the yogurt when your soy milk is cooled down and ready to ‘receive’ the probiotics,

      Good luck!

    2. you’re already using a non-vegan probiotic that ceara is calling vegan. i spend a lot on my vegan probiotic — you can get it from i herb, delivered. it’s terry natural colon and bowel probiotic. i make oat yogurt with mine. just oats, water to cover (make sure it’s filtered and boiled then cooled before you cover the oats). i use a quart glass jar. before you dump the water to cover the oats, be sure to open one of the capsules and mix with the water. by morning you will have creamy oats, with a slightly stringy liquid, wherein lie your manifest/grown probiotics. keep this in the fridge after the one night, as i fear the probiotics at that point have done the work they’re going to do in populating the oats. i do not use my oat yogurt as starter. i always start fresh with a new probiotic capsule. all the best!

  44. I have a question about step 7: The next time you make yogurt you can use this same method with ½ cup of the yogurt from this batch to use in the next batch.

    Is this instead of using a probiotic capsule?

    1. I would assume that it would be in place of the capsule. At least that is what I do when making regular cows milk yogurt and my “starter” is on its fourth batch. I’ve not tried it with non-dairy milk before, so we shall see! (:

    2. Would I be able to add a vanilla extract to this so it can be vanilla flavored? Just beginning vegan here and I miss good tasting vanilla yogurt lol

  45. Just made this and it worked incredibly well.. Other Vegan yogurts I have made end up having excess whey. I think using the probotics is the key. I plan on making this weekly for our smoothies instead of using soy milk. I used my yogurt maker for the 8 hours instead of the oven, which worked out great. I got to use my toy. I plan on using just 4 cups of soy, so that I can make too batches as the carton holds 8 cups.

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the yogurt Stacey!! Thank you for the wonderful feedback. The homemade vegan yogurt truly is SOOO delicious in smoothies. Since the yogurt already has the strong probiotic in it, you can use just a bit of leftover yogurt to make a second batch. However, this does make a thinner yogurt so I would recommend still using a bit of the probiotic in the next batch if you want a nice and thick yogurt!

      1. I made a batch with the capsule and I’ve been reusing leftover yogurt to make a new batch. It is indeed much thinner than the first one. I’ve faced this issue when I bought a vegan started culture online. However, the difference is that the batches from the leftover capsule yogurt are MUCH thinner than the ones made with leftover yogurt from the vegan starter culture. I’m not sure what to make of it. A fresh batch from the Renew Life (I’m using 90 billion) is just so good though 🙂

  46. Dear Ceara, do you have the result and/or the recipe of the vegan yogurt cheese? It’s August 2016 now, so it’s already 9 months since you mentioned about it. Thank you.

  47. When I made it, the yogurt was more watery. I did see yogurt form but it was under a lot of liquid. Amy suggestions what I can do next time?

  48. I’ve been looking for vegan yogurt in stores for months but I found nothing really interesting ! And then I found your recipe !

    Is the yogurt suppose to be creamy already in the morning even if it’s still warm?
    Cause mine was pretty liquid.

    I have no thermometers and my probiotic is 50 billions. and also it’s not powder it’s refregirated king of already yogurt.. is it possible it’s the reason of my fail? does the probiotic has to be a powder?

    Thanks anyway for your recipe, I’ll try again until I have my yogurt ! =)

  49. Hey any updated word on how that vegan cheese worked out using your yoghurt?? That little tip off got me really excited! I am over buying vegan cream cheeses with weird fillers and “enriched with vitamins” etc etc! Would also love to find a good vegan yellow cheese!
    Keep upsets! inquiring minds want to know!

      1. I have a yogurt maker. Can I use this to make my yogurt. I used to make homemade yogurt all the time. Now can’t have dairy so interested in this. Don’t want sugar. Thank you

        1. Yes you can! The most important is that the yogurt remains at the right temperature while it thickens up overnight! 🙂

  50. I did everything as directed including purchasing the exact probiotic you recommended ($67.00 at my local store) and it did not set like it was supposed to:(
    The oven light was off by the time I woke up, but it had been wrapped in a couple tea towels. I’ don’t know what happened.

  51. I’m one of those weird people who are allergic to soy. Have you ever tried this recipe with any other plant based milk?

    1. Hi Erika,

      I would just wrap the yogurt in a couple tea towels in the oven to keep it at the ideal temperature while the yogurt is thickening up!

  52. Recipe sounds fantastic as I really miss Greek yoghurt! My oven light only works if oven is on and it cools itself down when oven turned off! Can I use an Esiyo yoghurt maker?

    1. Hi Lee,

      I think the best bet would be to make this recipe in your yogurt maker to maintain the ideal temperature for making the yogurt 🙂 Enjoy!

    1. Hi Ananalara,

      I’ve only made this vegan yogurt with soy milk so can’t vouch for the results using other milks! Let me know your results if you try it with coconut milk!

  53. I am so excited for this! Before I went vegan I use to make yogurt with a recipe in my crockpot. Do you think it would work in the crock pot? Can’t wait!!!

    1. That is so incredibly cool that you can make yogurt in a crockpot!! I have never made yogurt in a crockpot so not sure if it would work with this recipe. Let me know if you give it a try!!

    1. I have never made yogurt in a dehydrator so not sure if it would work! I like to use a thermometer to make sure the milk is at the correct temperature (which is crucial for the yogurt to work!).

    2. Yes. I have an Excalibur dehydrator, and I use it to culture vegan yogurt and cheese. Because my dehydrator has a temp setting as low as 100 F, it works. Most dehydrators do not have a temp setting low enough to culture food, but if yours does, it will work. I place the culture in a mason jar with the lid to avoid evaporation. I also culture using a Brod & Taylor folding proofer, which has temp setting as low as 85 F when I travel to make vegan yogurt and cheese. Both work really well temperature-wise. Also I have found using a little tapioca starch, and adding it at the beginning, before pasteurizing the soy milk will make a nice thick Greek style yogurt without being too starchy.
      I have not tried this recipe yet. I have now made several batches of yogurt from other recipes using coconut milk and soy milk, but the taste has been objectionable after culturing. I can’t describe it, but it is off and unpleasant. I used a kefir to culture it, which works really well for cheese, but just does not taste right for yogurt. And I tried a different probiotic, and it also tasted off. So now I am going to break down and get spendy on the probiotic and see if the one you recommend is better. I pretty much cannot live without yogurt, so if I am going to be successful becoming vegan, I gotta solve this. It does not have to taste exactly like dairy yogurt, but it has to be a bit tangy and it can’t taste nasty.

  54. Would love to make vegan yogurt but haven’t the probiotics been cultured in milk? I appreciate the dairy has been washed off but I’m vegan for animal rights reasons, if “vegan” yogurt has dairy as an essential step in what sense is it vegan?

    1. No, vegan probiotics are not cultured with animal products (i.e. dairy). I’m vegan for the animals too so everything I share here is animal product free 🙂

  55. Hi, This is probably stupid – but if i kind of hate the soy milk i use, i will probably dislike the yoghurt as well, right?cause i figured that in some recipes, if i use soymilk and heat it up it kind of loses its bad taste and becomes nice instead. is that the case here? Thank you

  56. I made yogurt the other day using this recipe, and I have to say that this is the best vegan yogurt I have ever had. I’ve tried all the vegan yogurts in the store and haven’t liked any of them. I used to love Greek yogurt before I gave up all dairy products. That was the one thing I really, really missed. Until now. This yogurt is yummy and relatively easy to make. I did use a packet of Cultures For Health vegan yogurt culture instead of the probiotic capsule recommended in the recipe. My first try was a success!
    I let it sit overnight in my oven with the light on and then let it drain into a colander lined with a nut milk straining bag for two hours. Now I have rich and creamy vegan Greek yogurt!
    Thank you!

  57. You absolute star, Ceara – thank you so much!

    I’ve been thinking about attempting decent yog for a while now… the stuff here truly sucks. It has an almost powdery taste to it, and smells… well, foresty, I guess would be the best analogy.

    I can’t even get flavoured Alpro here – not that I’m a fan of flavoured yog anyway but they’d be better than the pots of grey disappointment currently on offer!

    I’m now dreaming of vegan Greek yoghurt! 🙂

    1. I hear you – I have not been overly impressed with store bought vegan yogurts:) Homemade vegan Greek yogurt is the best!

  58. Could you use a couple capsules to be sure? Could you add some coconut milk for creamyness? Also do you need to heat it high first (or just get it to luke warm as should be sterile from inside UHT container)


    1. Hi Alicia,

      I would not recommend adding more than the recipe calls for re. probiotic capsules. It will leave a funny aftertaste if you add too much.

      You could try experimenting and adding some coconut milk for added creaminess. Though, I have never tried it so can’t guarantee the results!

      As per heating up the milk, warm it up to 200F/93C.

      Hope this answers your questions 🙂

  59. Hi Ceara, I was very excited to see this recipe for vegan yogurt, but my question is, can I use Almond milk, instead of soy milk?

    1. I have not tried this recipe with almond milk Maria. Only with soy milk. I am not sure if it would work with almond milk but my suspicion is that the yogurt will set the best with soy milk since it “acts” the most like dairy milk in recipes like this.

  60. Hi ceara,
    Thank you for THE recipe. I did everything what the recipe explains but my yoghurt is still like soy milk This morning. Only in the bottom it is a little thick. What did i do wrong?

    1. Oh no, that should not be the case at all. This would occur if your probiotics were “dead” (did you use the extra potent ones??), if your yogurt was not warmed up to the correct temperature, or kept at the right temperature overnight! I would recommend using a thermometer to ensure this yogurt works perfectly!

  61. Ceara, you’re a genius. You won’t believe the synchronicity, but just today I was going though stuff I had packed away ages ago trying to see things I want to sell since I’m trying to get rid of things I’m no longer using, and I came across my old yogurt maker and sadly put it into the sale pile. I miss yogurt so much and tried recreating my own versions, but nothing unflavored ever came close. I’m so going to have to try this! Just need to get some probiotics. Thanks for sharing!

    Just curious, did you experiment with any other milks at all so far?

    1. Awww – you should have kept that yogurt maker! Who knew it would come in handy?! 😀

      I would not recommend using other milks other than soy milk in this recipe since soy acts the most like dairy milk in recipes! 🙂

  62. Oooo this makes me SO excited. I used to eat yogurt every day too, and I agree, the yogurts in the grocery stores are always full of sugars and just do not seem healthy! Do you think you can you add flavors to this, like vanilla? Would you add the flavors after the yogurt has already set? Thank you!!

    1. I know – I was so excited it turned out as well 🙂 I haven’t found a storebought yogurt brand I like yet )

      You can definitively add flavors – add them at the end though after the yogurt has set! I would even recommend adding your fruit or flavors just before eating the yogurt.

  63. Is there any reason one could not use one’s yogurt maker to hold the temperature? Appears that temp is the same as for dairy based yogurt and I have a wonderful yogurt maker that has not been used in a very long time.

    1. Great question – a yogurt maker would work perfectly to hold the temperature 🙂

      Let me know how the yogurt turns out when you whip up a batch!!

  64. Wow why have I been avoiding trying this for so long, it’s easy! Actually I already have probiotics and almond milk in my fridge…may have to give it a go today. I’m assuming it will work with other non-dairy milks as well. And I can’t wait to hear how the cheese goes 🙂

    1. Hi Natalie!! I know, I couldn’t get over how easy it was to make and was SO happy when it turned out.

      I would not recommend using other milks other than soy milk in this recipe since soy acts the most like dairy milk in recipes! 🙂

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