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Crispy Oil Free Fries (Fat Free!)

Crispy Oil Free Fries that are BAKED and not fried. That’s right, there’s no frying required for these golden fries. And this recipe is just maybe the easiest recipe you will ever make, with only two ingredients: russet potatoes and sea salt.

The secret to the crispiest possible Oil Free Fries lies in how you prepare and bake your potatoes….

Oil free fries

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Oil free fries

I could be a bit biased because my fiance is Belgian and Belgium KNOWS how to make good a good French fry. In every city in Belgium, you cannot miss the smell of the freshly cooked fries as you walk by the “frites” shop (shouldn’t they be called Belgian fries!? Ha! Moving on…).

These Crispy Oil Free Fries are a go-to recipe for dinner and I would make them all the time when we lived in Belgium as a healthy alternative to the fries in the frites shop. And if you bake fries in the oven using a few simple tricks, they will turn out just as cripsy as fried fries (lol) without the greeeeeease.

Oil free fries

Russet Potatoes: It’s important to use russet potatoes in this recipe because they are a super starchy potato. Russets will give you fries that are soft on the inside with a golden brown, crispy exterior. YUM.

Stone Baking Sheet: The difference between baking your fries on a stone baking sheet (or pizza stone) opposed to a baking pan is night-and-day. You do not need to use ANY non-stick spray or parchment paper with a stone baking sheet. Your potatoes slices will crisp right up with the perfect crunchy exterior.

Leave some space: It’s important that your fries are not touching when you place them on the stone baking sheet. If the fries are touching they will “steam” and not crispy up nearly as nicely.

Bake on a HIGH heat: Baking your fires on a super high heat—450F or 230C to be exact—gives the fries a gorgeous golden color with just the right amount of “crunch”… without letting them burn.

Oil free fries

If you make these Crispy Oil Free Fries, snap a photo and tag me #CearasKitchen on Instagram or leave your feedback in the comments below. I love hearing from all of you!

Oil free fries

Did I mention you can also make Vegan POUTINE with these Crispy Oil Free Fries? If you don’t know what Poutine is, it’s this crazy Canadian dish which consists of fries, cheese curds and gravy. YUM.

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Crispy Oil Free Fries

  • Author: Ceara
  • Total Time: 30 mins


Crispy Oil Free Fries that are baked and not fried with only 2 ingredients: russet potatoes + sea salt. The trick to the perfect fry with a crunchy, golden brown exterior and a soft interior lies in how you prepare and bake the fries.


  • 68 russet potatoes
  • sea salt


  1. Preheat oven to 450F/230C.
  2. Wash and scrub potatoes. Remove any rough or hard bits from the potatoes.
  3. Fill a large bowl with cold water.
  4. Cut the potatoes in half lengthwise. Cut each potato half into four slices. Place the sliced potatoes in the water to keep them from browning.
  5. Using a clean dish towel or paper towels, dry the fries off fully before placing them on the baking sheet.
  6. Arrange the fries in a single layer on a pizza stone, stone baking sheet (the stone will make sure the potatoes get extra crispy), or baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Make sure the fries are about 1/4 inch (1/2 cm) apart on the baking sheet. If the fries are too close, they will steam and not get as crispy.
  7. Sprinkle the fries with sea salt. Bake for 25 – 30 minutes until the fries are crispy and golden brown. Flip the fries halfway through to ensure even baking.
  8. Toss with additional sea salt when the fries are fresh out of the oven. Enjoy!
  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cook Time: 20 mins
  • Category: Main

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  1. Thanks so much. The family likes my friench fries. I’ve been looking for a good no oil recipes and the pizza stone sure does make a difference.

    1. Sue …..Calories would be the calories of a typical potato by weight since there is no alterations to them like the addition of oils and cheese etc!

  2. I always cook mine oil-free too and they are so delicious! I’ve never tried them on a pizza stone, will definitely have to try that out! I’ve seen that cold water method a lot before and have never tried it, definitely need to!

  3. I just made these today and they were AMAZING! I only had golden yellow potatoes and they came out really good. I cooked them 30 mins but next time I would probably check around 22 minutes because a few were darker than I would have liked.

  4. You are so right, stone sheets work perfectly for this. Mine broke after someone put it directly into the cold stainless sink and it shattered, so this reminded me that I have to get a new one. I’m missing out on delicious fries!

    1. Ok, noted to never to put mine in the cold sink!! I bought mine not so long ago and love the difference it makes in stepping up the crispy factor in fries and pizza crusts! 🙂

  5. Spuds are our family’s favorite! If I put fries on the table, or just about any potato dish… they’re happy campers. Family of potato heads. 🙂 Your fries look perfectly crispy and delish!

  6. I love oil-free baked fries. Alex makes them several times a week and squeezes a bit of lemon juice on them to make them extra crispy. I’m not sure if that actually makes a difference or not-haha!

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