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Starting the Week out Right – #MoveitMondays


After a weekend of family celebrations,  indulgences, enjoying that piece of rich chocolate cake for dessert (and that second glass of wine!) my favorite way to start the week is with my morning run. I love running for many reasons – for my health, to pump up my happy endorphins, to take some time for myself, to kick my metabolism into gear, weight maintenance and to feel my body getting stronger with each step. I believe that the weekends should be enjoyed just like life and food are supposed to be enjoyed without any strings or guilt attached.  So start your week out with some activity! Maybe running isn’t your forte – go for a walk, dance, do yoga, try out one of the many free 10-20 minute workouts available online – the possibilities are endless. And remember,  nobody ever regrets a workout!

move it mondays

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    1. Thanks Gayle for the kind words! This healthy living business is definitively a journey in itself for me 🙂 Hope you’re week is off to a great start as well – your most recent post has me craving healthy raspberry muffin tops! 😀

  2. WOW! You have a great balanced attitude towards food…and I love it! Enjoy your fave treats (like chocolate cake) for a special treat and then go for a run the next morning!! Talk about a healthy balance! LOVE it!

    1. Thanks Cailee!! I try to keep my food and exercise balanced and enjoy both of them – life is meant to be enjoyed right ? 🙂

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