Fresh Beginnings: #TryAgainTuesdays
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Fresh Beginnings: #TryAgainTuesdays

 When I finally gave up the idea of yo-yo crash dieting (they never work – believe me – I’ve tried them all!I made the promise to myself to enter into a new chapter of my life filled with an abundance of healthy delicious food, enjoyable & sensible activity, freedom of dieting and gaining control over my life! Taking the first leap is scary but it is well worth it. 

I switched up my morning workout and started my day with this amazing 55 minute cardio and strength training workout (no weights required!) with Jillian Michaels – it feels great to start the day feeling strong and ready to tackle the day on the right foot 🙂

The moment is now to try something new and become a better you! 🙂

try again tuesdays

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