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Happy Wednesday! Hope y’all are keeping warm in this frigid December weather! Today’s post is a special one – I share with you a candid interview with my friends over at My Wikes Makes! Levan and Amrita are the husband and wife behind their colorful, vibrant and wacky blog! Every week they post yummy, new, unique and easy to make eats that will make you wish you had Amrita cooking for you for dinner! 🙂 They are transitioning more & more towards a vegan & vegetarian blog – their Vegan Oreo Cheesecake & Vegan Homemade Nutella Cookie Sandwiches will have you drooling!

Amrita and Levan -- My Wife Makes

1. What’s your story? Tell us a little bit about the two of you behind the blog!

Amrita: Levan and I got married in 2013, after knowing each other for 7 years. We were just friends for most of that time. Levan is a PHD student, studying anthropology and tutoring (nerdy). For myself, I’ve always had an interest in baking and cooking. I started experimenting in the kitchen at age 11. Needless to say, I was a disaster in the kitchen in the beginning but got better in time, slowly. So, anyway, after years of practice and selling my cakes to friends, I decided that it was time I brought my interest to a new level and enrolled myself at Le Cordon Bleu London. I graduated end 2012. I then moved to join Levan in Melbourne, Australia and we now live happily with our three deviant kitties in our small apartment!

Kitties - My Wife Makes

 “We now live happily with our three deviant kitties in our small apartment.”

2. What inspired you guys to start food blogging?

I starting cooking and baking a lot when I first moved to Australia, mainly for Levan! And he’d randomly post iPhone photos of the stuff I had made on Facebook, just to show his appreciation. He always began his photo statuses with “My wife makes…. <insert so and so food name>”. He was doing it for fun, really, and maybe to annoy people with non-stop food statuses. But, surprisingly, our friends loved the amateur photos and actually encouraged us to start a food blog. So, well, we did! And that’s how we came up with the name ‘My Wife Makes’. It was an accident more than anything else!

hazelnut cookies

Vegan Pistachio Milk & Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies

“He always began his photo statuses with ‘My wife makes…'”

3. What’s your favorite recipe to whip up in the kitchen?

Honestly, I get really lazy sometimes. I have quite a few things to do in the day and there never seems to be enough hours to cook something fancy or elaborate. So I tend to go for really simple dishes. My favorite things to make are Vietnamese Veggie Rolls or one pot soups. I go by the idea that the less to clean, the better! I also absolutely love making sushi! When I’m feeling energetic or up for a challenge, my favorite thing to make are French desserts for my family and friends. They’re hands down, the best desserts in the world! That’s one of the few things I miss since going Vegan.

Vegan Oreo Cheesecake

Vegan Oreo Cheesecake

“I go by the idea that the less to clean, the better!”

4. What is your number one favorite meal in the world?

Levan absolutely loves Mushroom Aglio Olio. When he was living in a student hostel, he’d go to this nearby Italian restaurant and ordered that same dish every day for weeks on end! Geez! As for me – I actually love having tropical fruit as a meal. Papayas and pineapples taste like heaven!

5, What sets your blog apart and makes it stand out from the rest?

I think we’re quite honest about things, and we don’t take things too seriously. We insert a lot of random memes and descriptions in our posts, which is something I find a lot of food bloggers maybe feel a little afraid to do. We are 100% ourselves, whether people like it or not (but who wouldn’t like a couple of misfits?) I also think that ours is one of the few blogs out there that is mainly run by a husband, for his wife. If it were up to me, we’d never have had a blog…ever! I have no idea about coding and html and how all these things work, neither do I like being the center of attention, so having Levan do all these things truly does help.

“We are 100% ourselves”

Cold Pressed Juices

Cold Pressed Juices

6. What’s your favorite (and least favorite) part about blogging?

Favorite – We love how it feels to realize that hey, thousands of people around the world have ACTUALLY seen the stuff I make from our tiny apartment down south of the world. That’s amazing and honestly the best part about blogging.

Least Favorite – Taking photos! My goodness, photos are the cause of huge arguments between us sometimes. I’m quick to give up if the lighting or composition is bad, and I tend to get really stressed over it. Levan always helps me calm down and tells me to take a breather before trying again. Photos can be so difficult to get right… especially when something tastes amazing but you just can’t seem to get a good shot of it! It makes me go like RAAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!

One Pan Mexican Quinoa

One Pan Mexican Quinoa

“people around the world have ACTUALLY seen the stuff I make from our tiny apartment down south of the world.”

7, What invaluable tip can you share about food blogging?

Be yourself – honestly, that is the most important thing to us. There is no need for anyone to try to replicate the style of another blog or the way they write. Believe that you are good enough on your own terms, and the rest will follow. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends to promote your blog as well – they are the best kind of social media support! Also, there is no magic formula to success. You just have to keep working on every aspect of your blog again and again and again, even if the results aren’t immediate. Levan and I are both new bloggers, so we’re learning things as we go along as well. At the same time, we are also both perfectionists so when results aren’t immediate, we feel a little bummed. That’s still a hurdle we are working on getting over together.

Asian Rice Balls

Asian Rice Balls

8. It’s Friday, 10pm. People can usually find you ____.

Watching re-runs of 24, Fringe, Survivor, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Supernatural! We’re asocial people! Sometimes we go upstairs to the neighbors house and have tea. Other times I’m blending stuff just because I like the sound of the blender, it helps me mentally prepare for my beauty sleep.


Homemade Nutella Cookies Sandwiches (Vegan)

9. Let us get to know you better: Name 5 random facts about both of you we don’t know!


  • Levan tries to touch EVERYTHING he sees in supermarkets – I’m talking magazine covers, boxes, toilet paper, utensils, chip packets, cookie wrappers, etc. He just has this uncontrollable urge to feel the texture of everything! That’s why I prefer going there alone….
  • He has a soft toy sheep named Bobby. He’s had it for about 27 years. 27!! He still talks to it every night, no, seriously. I hate that sheep!
  • Levan is an albino (yes, like the ‘evil’ characters you see in Hollywood movies!). But no, he doesn’t have red eyes (they’re greyish blue)
  • He is well and truly a nerd. He reads the most boring books about… I don’t know. Boring stuff.
  • He used to be a full-time musician in a punk rock band. He’s since retired from that scene to become a food blogger, which he enjoys far more! 😀


  1. There’s nothing really that interesting about me!
  2. I have 26 tattoos! The most obvious ones are on my arm. Almost all the designs are dessert-related: cupcakes, donuts, macarons, a bear….(?!)
  3. I am your stereotypical cat lady. I’ve had up to 15 cats at once before. I even have a ‘cat lady coat’ which I wear everywhere, rain or shine.
  4. I try to avoid talking to people as much as I can. If people talk too much to me on Facebook, I block them. Hehe.
  5. I spend 20 minutes on average every night, pretending to be various imaginary characters and talking to my non-imaginary cat Richard Parker. Sometimes I’m a police officer…other times I’m a lustful young bombshell, craving for Sir Richard Parker’s soft touch. Levan finds this very, very, very weird. I don’t. I think Richard loves it. Mummy’s boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vegan Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuits

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  1. Hullo. I just discovered Amrita and happened upon this article when I searched for more info. Thanks for this interview—it was a fun read! I don’t know if you’re still updating your site, but might I suggest editing the beginning? My Wife Makes is introduced as “My Wikes Makes” and I would remove the link, which is no longer the thing we expect but rather an … unsavoury … site that opens itself in several browser tabs/windows (yuck).

    Anyway, thank you ‘n’ g’day. =)

    1. I can’t wait to hear about your travels, Rika!!! I am a bit jel! Melbourne is on the top of my travel list!! 😀

  2. What an interesting post! I’ve never heard of the blog, thanks Ceara for the introduction! Love learning about new vegan bloggers and these cute kitties are absolutely stunners!

  3. My Wife Makes is an awesome blog. Thanks for this fun interview of Levan and Amrita. We recently connected with them and Levan has been amazing with his info sharing and help. Big thumbs up for those two. <3

    1. They are the best aren’t they?! I love My Wife Makes – such fun and unique recipes + an awesome couple & cute kitties behind the blog 🙂

    (Yes I’m shouting, with happiness!)
    This was an AWESOME interview. And our cats — they’re on the Internet! Amrita and I tried showing them this page “Look, look, you’re on the Internet” Their response? Meow! What’d you expect from cats, lol.

    Seriously though, thanks so much! We love the comments too and are really glad people like our blog. <3 <3 It's been such an awesome journey so far.

    We can't wait to interview you next week! It's gonna be fun!

    1. YAY! It was SUCH A BLAST interviewing you guys for the blog!! I’m so happy that we stumbled across each other’s blogs – I look forward to your fun and creative recipes every week!! You two rock 🙂

      And I am kinda seriously in LOVE with your kitties!! I’m glad they approve of the interview as well 😀

    1. Thanks, Kelly! My Wife Makes honestly shares such delicious and yummy recipes along with some super funny memes 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week!

  5. Thanks for sharing this Ceara! There are so many creative foodies out there making healthy delicious food. Lots to be inspired by!

  6. Ahhh!! How fun! That is so cute that a hubby and wife started a blog baby together! 🙂 …and 26 tattoos of mostly desserts?? SWEET!!…literally!! These recipes look delicious and I hear ya about pineapple! SO good!

    1. Thanks so much, Cailee!! My Wife Makes is seriously an awesome blog that will be sure to bring a smile to your face!

  7. Great post Ceara! Loved the interview. Thanks for introducing me to this new blog! All of their recipes and answers sound awesome. Love that they talked about being “yourself”. I have found from certain blogs I have read, that they talk so impersonal, almost trying to sound poetic or something, it is awkward to read, because I’m thinking “do they really talk like this in REAL life?” I would rather just read what somebody really thinks and feels. People can tell.
    Anyways, great post!

    1. Thanks so much, Brandi!! My Wife Makes is such a fun and creative blog with some seriously yummy vegan recipes!! And I know exactly what you mean! I love reading a blog and it feels like I’m just having a casual and real conversation with someone 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words as always, Gayle! My Wife Makes is such a fun blog with super creative recipes!! Hope you’re having a great week 😀

  8. I love the My Wife Makes Blog! They are such a creative and colorful couple. And those cats….hmmm, I might be in the competition though for the crazy cat lady! I grew up in a house in the country with over, ahem, 20 cats at one point. I can’t believe photos are their least fav part of blogging, their pictures are truly a work of art everytime, such beautiful presentation. Always looking forward to the My Wife Makes posts!!!

    1. Happy to hear you love them to Laura! They’re the best 🙂 I love their positivity and realness and I’m kind of in love with their kitties too 🙂 I LOVE that you grew up with 20 cats at one point – that sounds like a lot of fun!! Hope you are having a great week!

  9. What a beautiful article Ceara. I enjoyed reading the interview ! Your guests sound so creative and I is hard to dislike an honest answer. Amrita sounds so honest and true! A big congrats to all of you for such a great post!!

    1. Thanks so much dear Hadia for your kind words as always! Amrita shares such wonderful and unique recipes – it was such a pleasure to share an interview with them on my blog!

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