Hey there, I’m Ceara (pronounced: “Key-Air-Ah”), and welcome to my kitchen. I’m so happy you stopped by!

I’m an early 20-something, self-taught cook and foodie currently living in Toronto with my much taller and better half J. I’ll always be a Toronto girl at heart where I grew up and lived for most of my life. Wherever I am, I have always felt most at home in the kitchen where I’m constantly creating and innovating new sweet and savory foods which I share with the people around me and always keeps them coming back for seconds.


I started Ceara’s Kitchen when I moved to Belgium for my Master’s a couple years back as a way to share some of my favorite recipes as well as some tidbits from my life here in the land of chocolate and very good beer. Starting Ceara’s Kitchen has also been a way for me to heal from my past of yo-yo dieting and continue on this wonderful journey of mine as I continue to strive to eat well and enjoy every bite I get out of life on the way. You can read more about my journey towards health here.

I’m a very passionate person who loves to talk food, politics and just any topic you can shoot at me from under the sun. Travelling is one of my biggest passions which fuels my never-ending interest to learn about our beautiful world and the amazing individuals who inhabit it. When I am not dreaming up new recipes, saving for my next trip, or creating new eats, you can also find me practicing yoga, outside running, laughing with loved ones, or happily relaxing at home with J.

My love of being in the kitchen goes back to when I was a quarter of my height and used to happily help and learn invaluable tips from my mom as she whipped up all my favourites from chocolate cake to pancakes to Mac + Cheese (my fave!!) to creamy tomato soup growing up. It’s easy to say that I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen ever since and loving practically every minute of it along the way. I’m excited to share with you all my healthier [but equally as tasty] versions of my old favourites as well as the new eats I make up as I go along that will leave you feeling satisfied, energized and altogether amazing from the inside out.


Lots of love from my kitchen to yours.