1. Go Para-gliding. 30 before 30 Bucket List
  2. Graduate Undergrad.30 before 30 Bucket List

  3. Graduate Master’s.
  4. Live abroad in Europe.30 before 30 Bucket List

  5. Run a half marathon.
  6. Run the Brussels 20 km.
  7. Do a yoga retreat in India.
  8. Do a juice cleanse.
  9. Run the Colour Run.
  10. Learn to speak a new language.
  11. Apply for my dream job.
  12. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  13. Run a 10 km race.
  14. See a Broadway show, on Broadway in NY.
  15. Do 20 real consecutive push ups.
  16. Drink wine and eat pasta in Tuscany.
  17. Do yoga every day for a month.
  18. Bake and sell my own baked goods.
  19. Eat at a vegan food truck.
  20. Visit San Fran.
  21. Go for a picnic in Central Park.
  22. Take dance lessons and successfully learn how to Ballroom dance.
  23. Go Blonde.
  24. Meditate everyday for a month.
  25. Do a run for charity.
  26. Go on a safari – see an elephant.
  27. Stay up all night dancing.30 before 30 Bucket List
  28. Make homemade ice cream – with an ice cream maker.
  29. Climb the CN tower.
  30. Arrange for my love to meet me under the Eiffel Tower