Vegan Pumpkin Pie
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The perfect pumpkin pie! A traditional, rustic, creamy, silky and flavorful pumpkin pie filled with a thick, creamy and flavorful pumpkin filling! Nobody will ever guess it is not made without any cream or eggs!
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 8 slices
  • 2 vegan pie crusts* (1 for the crust and 1 for the cut-outs on top - if you are not using the cut-outs, just use one pie crust for this recipe)
  • 1 can pumpkin puree (796 ml./ 27 oz./ 3¼ cups)
  • 1 cup cashews
  • ¾ cup maple syrup
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 1½ tsp vanilla extract
  • ⅛ tsp orange zest*
  • coconut oil for brushing (*optional see recipe)
  1. Soak cashews for 30 minutes in hot water (or for several hours in cool water) before preparing the pie.
  2. Preheat oven to 375f/190c. In a pie pan, place the vegan pie dough in the pan (or use a store-bought pie crust). Cut out 5 leaves or Fall-inspired shapes out of your second pie crust dough using pie cutter cut-outs. Place cut-outs on a pan lined with parchment.
  3. Make the pumpkin pie filling - blend together all of the filling ingredients (pumpkin puree, soaked cashews, maple syrup, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla extract, and orange zest) until perfectly creamy.
  4. Pour the pumpkin pie filling into the unbaked pie crust. Smooth out with the back of a spatula. (Optional step for a really rustic look - brush the top of the pie with a bit of coconut or light-tasting oil. Leave this step out to keep this recipe oil-free).
  5. Bake for 45 - 55 minutes until the middle of the pie is just about set. Bake the pie cut-outs with the pie for 15 - 20 minutes until light golden brown. Check the pie every five minutes after the 45 minute mark until the pie is just set in the middle. Do not overcook the pie or it will crack as it cools. Leave to cool in the pan and place pie cut-outs on top. Serve with coconut whipped cream (optional).
1) Make sure to use a gluten-free pie crust if you need this pie to be gluten-free.
2) I am still perfecting a healthier pie crust to use with this pie. I used a traditional vegetable shortening pie crust in this recipe.
3) Do not leave out the orange zest - it really brings out the pumpkin spice flavors in the pie!
4) Make sure to use pumpkin puree and NOT pumpkin pie filling in this recipe!
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